Psych Drug Acronyms Explained!

Modern psychiatry is an alphabet soup of acronyms. Sometimes it seems like there are almost as many as there are drugs. This can be confusing. So, here's a quick guide to what they really mean.

Please add any of your own in the comments!

SSRI - Sexual Stimulation Required Increased(*)
Also, Suicides? Suppress Report Immediately!(*)
Also, Stopped Suddenly - Regret Imminent?(*)

NRI - No Real Impact?(*)
Also, Nix Relevant Information(*)

NASSA (mirtazapine) - Never Again Slim; Sleep Alot.(*)
Also, Nighttime, And Strange Sights Abound(*)

TCA - The Classic Antidepressants(*)
Also, Toxicity - Cardiac Arrests(*)

ECT - Effective, Cheap Treatment(*)
Also Erases Childhood Thoughts?(*)

VNS - Very Nebulous Science(*)
Also, Very New Snakeoil?

fMRI - Future Marketable Research Initiative(*)
Disclaimer - The digs at SSRIs are probably unfair: in my experience, the withdrawal symptoms are mild and I think the claimed link to suicide is most likely a myth. But it's funny.

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